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Siparex raises EUR315 million for its Siparex ETI 4

Siparex has raised EUR315 million in capital commitments for Siparex ETI 4, the firm’s fourth-generation fund, which will focus on helping mid-market firms expand.

The new fund is significantly larger than the previous-generation fund, Siparex Midmarket 3, and has greatly increased Siparex’s investment capability in the midmarket segment. 

With the goal of financing independent midmarket growth companies with sales of EUR100 million to 500 million, Siparex ETI 4 is positioned to make unit investments of up to EUR30 million in a relatively small portfolio of some 15 investee companies. 

By doubling their commitments to the new fund (on average), historic investors – accounting for 75 per cent of subscriptions – have once again expressed their support for a model that combines the strength of a brand that is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, entrepreneurial vision, and a solid track record. 

This new-generation fund, managed by a dedicated team working under the leadership of Florent Lauzet, Managing Director and member of the Group’s Executive Committee, will invest in nimble, profitable midmarket companies with strong growth potential. It aims to help accelerate their development through acquisitions and cross-border expansion, as well as through digitalization thanks to the expertise of the Siparex Group’s Innovation unit XAnge, which specializes in digital innovation (big data, software, connected objects, the sharing economy, factories of the future, and fintech). 

The final closing period has been buoyed by the auspicious start of the investment phase, with two major deals having been completed in the space of a few months: Carso (Europe’s leading provider of analytical services; EUR190 million in revenues) and Minafin (fine chemicals and related services; EUR160 million in sales). The investment process is progressing apace with several deals under way, including an exclusive investment opportunity now being negotiated with Groupe Apside (tech advisory; EUR155 million in revenues). 

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