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Solvay invests in 9T Labs

Solvay Ventures, the venture capital fund of Solvay, is investing in the Zurich-based startup 9T Labs to bring additive manufacturing of carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP) parts to mass production.

9T Labs’ hybrid manufacturing technology enables complex, high-performance structural parts to be produced in carbon fibre-reinforced thermoplastic composites in volumes up to thousands of parts per year. It provides a cost-competitive solution for manufacturing that will allow structural CFRP parts to replace metals at a much faster rate in demanding applications in many sectors such as aerospace, automotive and healthcare.

This technology complements Solvay’s unmatched portfolio of high-performance thermoplastic polymers and deep expertise in the production of thermoplastic composite prepreg tape to make the next big leap. As a leader in thermoplastic composites, Solvay also brings unparalleled expertise in the engineering of material solutions to ensure the technology can be integrated seamlessly into manufacturing lines of 9T Labs’ customers.

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