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Summa Equity: Best Buyout Manager (fund size up to $2.5bn)

Hannah Gunvor Jacobsen, Investment Director & Head of Investor Relations

It is overwhelming to be recognised as a leading fund manager for a strategy that was attracting more scepticism than support only five years ago. With the pandemic, the recent report on climate change, and now with the devastating Russian invasion of Ukraine, we are faced with multiple crises. Increasingly, business and the investment community need to be an integral part of solving these, and we also have to be aware of the risk these represent to our businesses. Summa formed the investment thesis around being part of the solution to environmental, social, and governance challenges. We are humbled that this strategy is increasingly recognised as a concrete proof to mitigate risk and drive superior returns. We want to thank our LPs for taking the risk on our unproven strategy five years ago and our people who left their jobs to be part of solving our global challenges.

Company info
Summa invests in companies that are solving global challenges and creating positive Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) outcomes for society. Summa’s purpose is to co-create win-win for investors, portfolio companies, and society through aligning its vision and outcomes to the Sustainable Development Goals, ensuring a net-positive impact against ESG challenges, and the potential for long-term, sustainable outperformance. Investments are focused on industries and companies that have tailwind from megatrends within three sustainability themes: Resource Efficiency, Changing Demographics, and Tech-Enabled Transformation. Across these themes, Summa’s portfolio companies are supporting a world in transition and showing that business can be part of the solution. Summa Equity has c. EUR4 billion (c. SEK40 billion) assets under management.

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