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Taliance launches customisable applications for alternative asset managers

Taliance, a software and cloud provider for alternative asset managers, has launched The Lab, a series of apps designed to help clients work more efficiently.

The Lab is now available for free to current clients. Each app contains a fully downloadable model that allows companies to tackle a specific problem in the investment process and encourage innovation in investing.
At launch Taliance is releasing three apps, WALT, CURRENCIES and WATERFALL.
WALT (also known as WALE, WAULT or WALL) is used to calculate the risk of a property that is becoming vacant in a given year and is used to measure overall tenancy risks of a property with several units. WATERFALL is the method of splitting profits among partners in a transaction that allows for profits to follow an uneven distribution, while CURRENCIES enables firms to manage different currencies for investments, including gathering and forecasting data on asset levels in local currencies or performing stress tests in a certain currency.
“With the launch of The Lab, we are giving our clients some of the tools they need to make investment management decisions,” says Taliance CEO and founder Guillaume Fiastre (pictured). “We serve as true partners to our clients, allowing them to focus on core investing decisions while we help mitigate the time they spend on technology and operations.”
Taliance will continue to add apps to The Lab based on client demand and in response to industry conditions.
“We are building a community for our clients, so they can adapt and learn from each other. Taliance – including The Lab – will serve as a hub for innovation. We look forward to continuing conversations with our clients about what they need to complete their goals.”
Taliance recently relaunched the company’s website, which includes a new community-based approach to user support. The portal includes thousands of articles and discussion threads where Taliance clients, partners and employees share solutions and ideas and contribute to the company’s ongoing product roadmap.

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