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Target Partners invests in hotel management software developer

Munich venture capital firm Target Partners has made an early round investment in Hetras, an Austrian-based developer of hotel management software.

Hetras will use the funds to complete development and launch of the first internet-based management and reservation system for international hotel chains.
Software technology in hotel chains traditionally consists of several standalone solutions from different vendors. As a result, hotel companies must maintain redundant data.

“A single change to a room rate can require updating five or more different systems manually,” says Olaf Jacobi (pictured), partner at Target Partners. “The Hetras solution combines all business-critical functions in a single application and will be sold on a Software as a Service basis. Though the product is in the pre-release phase, several hotel chains and individual hotels have already agreed to use the Hetras hotel management software.”

Hotel companies are not the only beneficiaries of the new technology.

“Guests who book their room via the internet at a Hetras-powered hotel can see the available rooms in 3D and select their preferred room at the time of booking, just as passengers can choose their seat on flights,” says Michael Heinze, chief executive and founder of Hetras.
Prior to the current financing round, Hetras received funding from the High-Tech Start-up Program of the Austrian Wirtschaftsservice as well as financing from hotel industry experts Gruen and Johann Steszgal.

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