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Thalamos raises $1m in seed round led by Ascension’s Conduit Impact EIS Fund

Thalamos, a platform digitising the Mental Health Act has raised a $1 million (£900k) seed round, backed by Ascension’s Conduit Impact EIS Fund, angels including Syndicate Room, and a private Seedrs crowdfund.

Thalamos gives people who are sectioned under the Mental Health Act quicker and safer access to vital treatment by enabling their care to be organised digitally. It replaces the outdated system of paper forms that is currently used to arrange care. Instead, Thalamos offers a streamlined digital system which significantly lowers the risk of errors and eliminates unnecessary delays. This allows the most vulnerable patients to access life-saving mental health treatment sooner. 

Founded in 2018 by cousins Arden and Ross Tomison, Thalamos was inspired by the experience of a close friend who was sectioned. Countless paper forms had to be circulated and approved before his care could begin – leaving him waiting too long for help whilst in crisis. Determined to create a kinder, safer and more efficient way for people to access acute mental health care, Arden and Ross set about designing a digital solution to provide a quicker, safer route to this vital care.

Thalamos already works with seven mental health care providers, giving over 40,000 practitioners access to the digital tools needed to speed up access to care for those in crisis. Using Thalamos instead of paper-based processes is reducing the risk of error by up to 89%. 

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