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TISE partners with Avenir on new private markets offering

The International Stock Exchange (TISE) has partnered with Avenir Technology Limited, a global developer of financial market infrastructure solutions, to provide auction trading, settlement and registry management technology for its new private market service, TISE Private Markets.  

TISE says the introduction of TISE Private Markets reflects the failure of the conventional market infrastructure to meet the needs of small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs). The exchange believes these companies have holders expecting to realise their investment and boards wanting to generate liquidity in their stock, but a listing is both overly costly and burdensome.

TISE Private Markets aims to addresses this by giving SMEs full control of their dedicated market, from onboarding shareholders to scheduling auction events and managing registers. The integration and customisation of Avenir’s technology has facilitated several innovative features of the service, including a bespoke auction model which concentrates liquidity, electronic settlement of cash and shares, a tailored auction algorithm to protect pre-emption rights, and online tools for the convenient management of share transfers and shareholder records.

In 2021, TISE announced that it had reached agreement with Avenir Technology to utilise its multi-asset price discovery and auction trading solution for TISE’s public market. Avenir Technology also collaborates with numerous other exchanges and financial counterparties across the globe.

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