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Verdane’s Idun fund makes two new investments in sustainable companies

Verdane, a European specialist growth equity investor, through its impact fund Idun, has invested in Qbtech, a maker of objective ADHD tests and Topro, a market leading company that produces mobility aids.

Verdane’s investment will support these companies, leveraging its expertise in software and healthcare, to execute expansion and market growth.
Verdane’s impact fund Idun makes investments focused on driving impact in three clusters: energy transition; sustainable consumption; and resilient communities. Qbtech and Topro are driving impact through providing valuable contributions to resilient communities or through improving quality of life.

Qbtech is the market leader in objective measurement of ADHD symptoms, transforming ADHD care for individuals and society at large. Working with specialists in health and education in the US and Europe, Qbtech reduces the delay to diagnose and enables treatment optimisation for children and adults with ADHD.

Topro is a European leader in the development and production of mobility aids, such as rollators and stair-lifts, which offers solutions to increase the independence of the elderly and people with reduced mobility to enable them to live an active life. For the wider public, Topro’s products enable vulnerable individuals to retain their independency and stay in their home for longer, which ultimately increases their quality of life while also reducing costs to society.

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