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Welkin China Private Equity to float on the LSE

Welkin China Private Equity Limited (WCPE) is to launch an IPO on the Premium Segment of the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange. The Company is targeting a raise of up to $300 million and expects to publish its Prospectus in the coming days.

WCPE is a newly established closed-ended investment company and will be the first fund listed on the London Stock Exchange dedicated to investing in unquoted Chinese companies.
The Company will offer public investors exposure to a broadly diversified portfolio of Chinese private equity investments across a range of sectors, stages, maturity levels, and managers, through a two-pronged investment strategy designed to capture both market dislocation and long-term growth opportunities. WCPE will be targeting an annualised NAV total return of at least 15 per cent, over the long-term.

The Company’s investment manager, Welkin Capital Management (Asia) Limited (“Welkin” or the “Investment Manager”), is led by an experienced team with deep knowledge of the Chinese private equity market and a proven track record, delivering a compounded annualised return of 28 per cent for all investments in Chinese investee companies made across all Welkin Funds up until 31 December 2021.

Investing in the Company’s Ordinary Shares will allow investors access to the returns available from investing in unquoted Chinese companies with long-term growth potential, an investment class that has traditionally been difficult to access for individual investors.

The Company will invest in a broadly diversified portfolio of unquoted Chinese companies across different sectors and investment horizons by taking a flexible and strategic approach to dynamically capture both long-term growth opportunities and market dislocations.

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