CAPZA to acquire minority stake in cybersecurity specialist Advens

CAPZA Growth Tech is to acquire a minority stake in Advens, a cybersecurity and SOC-as-a-Service specialist in France. 

Founder Alexandre Fayeulle and the current management team remain majority shareholders. As a result of the transaction, which values Advens at more than EUR100 million, the shareholding will be extended to one third of Advens' employees. 

Advens offers a comprehensive cybersecurity package that combines high value-added services with an innovative Security-as-a-Service model to meet the growing needs of companies, regardless of their specific sector or business.

Advens has developed an operational security centre (“Security-as-a-Service Factory”) unique in France, which takes advantage of the best technologies, artificial intelligence and human expertise to provide efficient and proven protection against cyberthreats.

As attacks continue to grow in intensity and complexity, this model is a solution to simplify and make accessible to all organisations the daily challenge of cybersecurity and to face the shortage of experts by offering modern, turnkey solutions, such as SOC-as-a-Service and EDR-as-a-Service.

“After ISAI in 2016, we are very pleased to welcome a partner who is so strongly aligned with our entrepreneurial and societal DNA. This transaction further anchors our corporate project and gives meaning to our performance. Every day, Advens teams work to protect their clients and contribute to the progress of society,” says Fayeulle.

"Over the last few years, Advens has established itself as one of the French leaders in cybersecurity, in particular thanks to its SOC-as-a-Service offer, which has met with strong demand on the market. The entry of CAPZA into our capital marks a new important stage in our development and truly launches the European and international dimension of our project," says David Buhan, CEO, Advens.

"This unprecedented transaction is driven by the joint desire of Advens and CAPZA to create a new model in the Tech world. The importance of Tech in the economic recovery must be able to contribute to support a fairer growth," says Laurent Bénard, CEO, CAPZA.

“As the acceleration of digitalization makes companies increasingly vulnerable to cybercrime, Advens has developed a solution that allows the company to have a head start and the ability to address a wider market,” says Matthieu Dordolo, Partner, CAPZA Growth Tech.

"We are very proud of Advens' track record over the last 5 years and particularly impressed by the quality of execution and technological vision of Alexandre and David. Advens has a unique development model and we are pleased that it can be perpetuated and serve as an inspiration to the rest of the French Tech community," says Pierre Martini, CEO, ISAI GESTION.

This transaction represents a new investment for CAPZA Growth Tech5, which is currently raising funds.