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Andera Partners rebrands all activities

Andera Partners has unveiled the new names of its four investment teams. Two years after becoming independent in 2018, the leading private equity management company is strengthening communication around all its activities, with a focus on the Andera brand.BioDiscovery, which supports the development of innovative therapeutic products and medical technologies (amounts invested from EUR5 million to EUR35 million), has become Andrea Life Sciences.

ActoMezz, a team dedicated to sponsorless mezzanine investments (amounts invested from EUR10 million to EUR100 million), has become Andrea Acto.

Cabestan Capital, dedicated to supporting growth SMEs (amounts invested of EUR7 million to EUR20 million), has become Andrea Expansion, while Cabestan Croissance (amounts invested of EUR2 million to EUR7 million) has become Andrea Croissance.

Winch Capital, which helps growth mid-caps to upscale (amounts invested from EUR20 million to EU100 million), has become Andrea Midcap.
Andera Partners’ mission is to work alongside companies and their managers to support them towards strong and sustainable growth. Our performance relies on a strong partnership between the entrepreneurs in our portfolio companies and our teams, based on shared values. We therefore wanted to place this identity at the heart of our communication through a brand signature reflecting the power of collective commitment: “The Power of And”.

With the Andera brand now part of each of our business teams’ names, we are seeking to take our management company to the next level, growing it and extending its influence by highlighting the strength of our partnership.

Sylvain Charignon and Raphaël Wisniewski, managers of Andera Partners, says: “Andera Partners is now clearly recognised by our ecosystem as an original and attractive model, with a strong identity. More than two years after becoming independent, the Andera brand has acquired a firm footing in the market; it was therefore the appropriate time to turn the page on the historical brands associated with our teams – some of which were chosen 20 years ago, while others were adopted or created more recently. We are thus strengthening the parental links of each of our activities to the Andera brand. These new team names will raise our brand’s profile among all our stakeholders, investors, entrepreneurs, employees and advisers, by highlighting the strength of the Andera partnership, which now represents 70 employees and EUR2.5 billion in assets under management.”

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