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Arete Zero Carbon launches to help businesses achieve Net Zero Carbon

Multi-family investment office Arete has expanded with the launch of Arete Zero Carbon aimed at helping businesses to achieve net zero carbon.

Arete Zero Carbon has been formed in response to UK government’s legislation, which requires all UK businesses to achieve net zero carbon by 2050. Arete Zero Carbon will be led up by one of the UK’s leading authorities on zero carbon design, Dr Stephen Finnegan.
Finnegan has over 25 years of experience in developing low and zero carbon strategies for numerous public and private sector businesses. He joins Arete with plans to build out a new team throughout the course of 2021. 
Arete Zero Carbon will take a holistic approach, working with businesses to initially assess their carbon footprints and design practical and actionable strategies to help them achieve net zero carbon, avoid future carbon taxes and ultimately increase their valuation. 
Setting a net zero carbon target will increase a business’s ability to drive innovation and competitive advantage, whilst also enhancing a company’s credibility and reputation. Arete Zero Carbon’s bespoke approach will include a full review of the supply chain of a business, using the GHG Protocol and the creation of a net zero carbon strategy and vision. 
Mike Fletcher, joint managing partner at Arete, says: “We understand that sustainability is no longer a nice to have, it’s essential. Businesses must act sooner rather than later to tackle carbon emissions and create a better future, yet we know that many organisations feel uncertain on what steps they need to take to future-proof their businesses and make a positive impact.
“We have a responsibility as investors to help our new and existing investments understand the positive impact of reducing emissions. Arete Zero Carbon will help these businesses and others to take the right action now and lead the way to a safe and sustainable future for generations to come.”
Finnegan adds: “I’m pleased to be on board with the creation of the new Arete Zero Carbon division. What impressed me about the Arete leadership team was their genuine understanding of the issues and their unswerving commitment to embed the area of sustainability and impact within their core investment process, as well as their own business.
“The future of business is evolving, and we must do what we can to reduce the impact our work has on the environment. The time for change is now and Arete Zero Carbon will allow us to make a real and positive impact over the near and long term, which will pave the way towards a more sustainable way of working.”

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