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Asoko Insight and Neu Capital partner

Asoko Insight, an African corporate data platform, and Neu Capital Africa, which discreetly matches global institutional investors with mid-market African businesses, has announced a strategic partnership to enhance their respective offerings.

The partnership will see Asoko combine their unique data acquisition model and corporate database of over 50,000 private African companies, with Neu Capital’s professional investor and corporate finance community in a confidential and curated on-line setting regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority. 

The initial phase of the partnership will leverage their complementary business models to bring added value to both mid-market companies from East and Southern Africa who seek between USD5 million and USD50 million in funding and to global investors seeking carefully vetted investment opportunities in those sub-regions. Commercial due diligence costs can be as much as 5-10 per cent higher when investing in Africa compared to other regions. Asoko and Neu Capital’s collaboration will lead to improved mutual financial outcomes to investors and investees, providing a positive experience of financing Africa’s growth story.
“Neu Capital Africa and Asoko are helping demystify the African investment eco-system and the extent and quality of Asoko’s information and its access to transactions adds notable value to Neu Capital Africa’s high-quality investment community,” says Mark Taylor, CEO of Neu Capital Africa, “We’re excited to be working with as important a facilitator of Africa’s economic growth as Asoko.”

Obi Ejimofo, Chief Innovation Officer of Asoko Insight, says: “Our partnership with Neu Capital, whose highly experienced team provides a new value-added opportunity for Investors and Advisories to better manage their risks and identify vetted investment opportunities with reliable and authenticated information. It comes at an exciting time for Asoko as this is one of a number of strategic partnerships that we are announcing this quarter as we effectively position our platform as a central digital resource for investment around and into the continent.”

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