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Catapult Ventures invest in digital health start-up MyHelp

MyHelp, a Manchester based start-up building a digital solution for mental health service providers and patients has secured an investment from Catapult Ventures’ GM&C Life Sciences Fund.The company is founded by Kirren Kaur and Indi Singh, who have many years’ experience with the challenges faced in mental health care provision, and are well connected to health innovation in the North West: Kirren is a licensed cognitive behavioural therapist and Indi is an experienced commercial advisor driving the spread and adoption of innovative technology within the NHS. 

MyHelp will use the investment to build and then trial a novel clinical interface and connected App with partners in the local area to improve the delivery of cognitive behavioural therapy. The aim is to have a product that benefits both the patient and the therapist, by complementing the face to face appointment. Healthbox CIC is one partner that believes a product such as this is missing from the marketplace.

Simon Sandford, Chief Executive of Healthbox, says: “Healthbox CIC, is really excited to work alongside MyHelp. This new innovative product has huge potential not only to save money to an already overstretched mental health system but will also support people and, as an added bonus, save counsellors’ time.” 

Indi Singh, Co-Founder, says: “With the current Covid 19 climate, mental health services are more in demand than ever before, however access to these services at times can be a problem. MyHelp hopes to provide a solution that will increase access and provide support to individuals when patients really need it. We aim to make a difference to both clinicians and patients and strengthen the therapeutic relationship.”

Emma Johnson, Associate at Catapult Ventures, adds: “The GM&C Life Sciences Fund invests in early stage companies that have the potential to make an impact, and address a real need. We look forward to working with MyHelp to develop the business and help advance a product that is expected to have real utility in an increasingly over-burdened care system.”

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