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EVCA rebrands as Invest Europe – The Voice of Private Capital

The European Private Equity and Venture Capital Association EVCA today announces that it has changed its name to ‘Invest Europe – The Voice of Private Capital’. 

Invest Europe is the voice of investors in privately-held companies in Europe. From its roots representing European venture capital, Invest Europe has grown to encompass private equity and infrastructure, as well as long-term investors such as pension funds and insurance companies that provide capital for investment, on behalf of millions of beneficiaries across the world. 
Since 2007, private equity and venture capital firms have invested EUR350 billion in around 28,000 European companies, which employ up to 8 million people. The change of name was overwhelmingly endorsed by Invest Europe’s members, in recognition of the industry’s evolution since the association was founded over 30 years ago.
As Invest Europe, the association will demonstrate that it is the principal authority representing private capital and continue to engage with policymakers in Brussels and national capitals, as well as global investors, the media and public. These efforts are underpinned by Invest Europe’s research, viewed as the definitive resource for private equity and venture capital data. 
Invest Europe Chief Executive, Dörte Höppner (pictured), says: “This marks an important milestone for our organisation. As Invest Europe, we will be better placed to articulate how vital Europe’s private capital investors are to the economy and to support policymakers in developing solutions to Europe’s growth challenge. 
“Venture capital, private equity and infrastructure are not only essential providers of investment to growing companies; they also provide guidance and expertise, helping SMEs to become global champions, including Skype, LateRooms, Moleskine and Tommy Hilfiger.  Crucially, we also represent the long-term investors from pension funds, insurance companies and other global institutions backing Europe’s private capital sector, to the tune of EUR40 billion a year.
“As demonstrated by the announcement of the Commission’s proposals for the Capital Market Union announced yesterday, our industry is important to Europe’s dynamic economy. With our change of name, we hope to ensure that our association is at the forefront of the debate regarding Europe’s economic future.”

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