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First British robotics seed fund launches

High Growth Robotics Limited has launched the British Robotics Seed Fund – the first investment fund specialising in UK-based robotics start-ups.

The focus of the fund is to deliver returns to investors by making targeted investments in promising UK-based seed-stage robotics under the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS).
Automation and robotisation are beginning to drive significant productivity improvements across the global economy. According to market intelligence firm Tractica, robotics is set to grow at rates in excess of 45 per cent with the global market to approach a quarter of trillion dollars by 2021.
There are currently no specialist UK investment vehicles to provide financial backing and strategic support for early stage robotics companies with compelling business in concepts.
The fund will invest in up to 12 robotics start-ups each year across a broad range of sectors including, construction, logistics, agriculture and domestic robots.
The British Robotics Seed Fund is being managed by Sapphire Capital Partners in partnership with High Growth Robotics Limited, which will help identify the investments and provide mentoring services to the robotics entrepreneurs and start-ups with which the fund works.
The fund is open to sophisticated investors with a minimum of GBP10,000 to invest and who are looking to enhance their investment portfolio with high growth robotics businesses.
High Growth Robotics is led by Dominic Keen, a British entrepreneur.
Boyd Carson, CEO of Sapphire Capital Partners, says: “Robotics represents one of today’s most exciting investment themes and investors now have the opportunity to enhance their portfolio with a mixed basket of exciting early-stage robotics businesses whilst also befitting from the significant tax advantages of SEIS.”
Keen says: “I genuinely believe that some of the world’s finest robotics businesses are currently being established in the UK and the British Robotics Seed Fund is ideally positioned to ensure that these companies are able to maximise their future success.”
The fund closes on 31 March 2017. 

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