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Future Ventures launches USD200m VC fund

Future Ventures has launched an oversubscribed fund of USD200 million to invest in frontier technologies across diverse industries including machine intelligence, sustainable mobility, the future of food, computational biology, high-performance computing, aerospace, and more.

Future Ventures is co-founded by Steve Jurvetson and Maryanna Saenko. Jurvetson is well-known as an early leader in identifying and backing industry-redefining companies like Tesla, SpaceX, Planet, Nervana, Mythic, and Memphis Meats. Saenko’s background as a research engineer and her venture capital experience from prior roles at leading firms combine to give her insight into technology business growth and a thoughtful approach to funding audacious ideas. Together, the team has a top-tier track record investing in startups with USD100 billion of aggregate value creation.
Future Ventures benefits from a uniquely strong founding team, with 25 years of venture experience and a deep vein of technical expertise. They invest in passionate, purpose-driven entrepreneurs fuelled by a long-term mission to change the world for the better. Their funds have a 15-year term, longer than venture industry averages. Future Ventures looks for new company ideas that carry an air of inevitability, without preying on human frailty, and supports the companies that one day history books will be written about.
“Identifying and supporting the leading new entrepreneurs in world-changing fields is my core focus at Future Ventures. We’re interested in ideas, technologies, and products that will be transformative for generations to come, not just in our lifetime,” says Steve Jurvetson, Co-Founding Partner, Future Ventures. “Much venture capital today is put to work seeking quick wins. Yet we believe the greatest opportunities lie in the technologies that few can imagine and even fewer can bring to market. This work is fascinating, exhilarating, and all-consuming – it takes dedication, passion, creativity, and teamwork. Alongside Maryanna, I’m thrilled to be working at a startup again myself, putting in the energy that’s required to support the teams who build our collective future.”
“Brilliant people challenge your thinking and push you to become a better, smarter, and more engaged version of yourself. Not only have I found a brilliant partner in Steve, but also in the entrepreneurs that Future Ventures attracts,” says Maryanna Saenko, Co-Founding Partner, Future Ventures. “The types of transformative businesses we’re seeking are ones that require a unique perspective on the part of both investor and entrepreneur – a longer view of the impact of our work.”
As an early partner to companies in emerging fields, Future Ventures is a long-term ally, eager to support the true heroes – the entrepreneurs that forge the Future.

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