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Goodbye 2012

By Pete Ort, Curalea Associates –
Another year now ending, goodbye to twenty twelve, 
Into events that have unfolded, let us briefly delve. 
Some things didn’t change, the status quo remaining, 
Middle Eastern fighting, and tireless campaigning. 
More borrowing and spending, debt burdens they did widen, 
Thanks to our spendthrift leaders, Barack Obama and Joe Biden. 
Not to be outdone, in the massive spending spree, 
Was the Federal Reserve, launching unlimited QE. 

What failed in the past year, amidst all the to and fro? 
Exhibit A in that sad bucket, must be the Facebook IPO. 
Another bust of large proportions, leaving half the country cryin’, 
Was the GOP fall ticket, of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. 
The biggest setback of the year, was not at all man made, 
A hurricane named Sandy, that did our coast invade. 

To some we bid farewell, they left us all too soon, 
Goodbye to Andy Griffith, goodbye Vidal Sassoon. 
So long to Whitney Houston, she too has left the scene, 
So long to Donna Summer, of disco she was queen. 
Our ambassador to Libya, for him the nation grieves, 
Dick Clark we’ll miss your countdown, on future New Year’s Eves. 
Farewell to Neil Armstrong, to the moon you travelled far, 
Farewell to Maurice Sendak, I hope you’re where the wild things are. 

The state of our nation, is challenged at this time, 
Pax Americana, may be beyond its prime. 
Division reigns supreme, in our corridors of power, 
Listen to our politicians, and you’ll want to take a shower. 
Where can we find redemption, it lies somewhere within, 
The better angels of our nature, not in some partisan spin. 
Though challenges we face, resolution is within our reach, 
It’s not like we must storm, some barricaded Normandy beach. 

How to position your portfolio, into the year beyond? 
Go short the equity market, stay long the 30 year bond? 
The vol has been so low, across all the asset classes, 
While the recovery we’re in, has been slow as molasses. 
To offer some advice, if I may be so bold, 
Don’t lend Uncle Sam your money, with his spending uncontrolled. 
On one thing you can count, with regard to money making, 
A bigger share in taxes, the government will be taking. 

So let me wrap this up, with something more upbeat, 
That you can share with friends, via text, email, or tweet. 
There are better days ahead, that is my calm projection, 
When will they come you ask, not till the next election. 
Though winter has arrived, and outside it may be storming, 
If you’re feeling wet and cold, relax the globe is warming. 
At all your year end parties, make your cocktails strong and stiff, 
And get ready for a tumble, off the fiscal cliff. 

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