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GX Private Equity Index to be distributed through FIS Data Exchange portal

State Street is to work with Fidelity National Information Services (FIS) to distribute its GX Private Equity Index (PEI), a benchmark for comparative analysis of private equity performance, to nearly 300 global asset management clients, including private equity managers, investors and third-party administrators.

The PEI will be integrated into FIS’s Data Exchange portal (DX), a platform for sharing documents and data via advanced data visualisations, analytics and dynamic and interactive reporting.
“State Street’s GX Private Equity Index is a high-quality, industry-recognised source of private equity data,” says Sami Juma, chief operating officer, private equity business for Fidelity National. “We believe this benchmark will offer our clients increased transparency into the private equity landscape through which they can dynamically compare portfolio performance and make even more informed investment decisions. We continue to create a more fully-integrated and improved experience for our clients, and the addition of the PEI furthers that agenda.”
The PEI is based on directly-sourced limited partnership data, in some cases dating back to 1980. It represents more than USD2.4 trillion in private equity investments, with more than 2,600 unique private equity partnerships, as of 30 June 2016.
“We are thrilled to partner with FIS to offer the PEI to their asset management clients,” says John Plansky, global head of State Street Global Exchange. “With the PEI, we believe FIS’s clients will benefit from the ability to create custom benchmarks, so they aren’t measuring performance against a sample that is not representative of their unique portfolio allocations. As private market investing becomes increasingly prevalent, we further believe investors need tools like these to help them avoid risk and successfully generate alpha.”

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