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Intralinks DealNexus adds 57,000 portfolio companies to deal sourcing platform

Intralinks DealNexus has partnered with PEI Services (PEI) in order to enhance its database of private equity portfolio companies.

DealNexus is one of the leading online deal sourcing and marketing platforms for M&A professionals. The partnership expands upon the high quality data already within the platform. This will enhance Intralinks DealNexus’ proprietary matching capabilities, providing a more robust, content driven platform that creates a destination for dealmakers.
The Intralinks DealNexus platform has seen tremendous growth this past year, with 46 per cent annual growth in member firm count and 96 per cent growth in unique members from year-end 2013 to year-end 2014. Deal flow has also increased by 70 per cent year-over-year. The increase in users and deals presented on the platform are another indication that Intralinks DealNexus is a go-to destination for dealmakers worldwide.
As a result of the PEI partnership, Intralinks DealNexus users will now have access to profiles of more than 57,000 portfolio companies that are tied to current private equity member firms on the platform. The addition of this high-quality data from one of the best sources for middle-market private equity information in the business will enable Intralinks to dramatically increase the quality of the deal matches made by the platform. The data will also be accessible to Intralinks DealNexus members who use the platform as a research and networking tool, solidifying its position as a vital resource to the M&A community. 
“Our platform has been gathering profiles of portfolio companies, but the information has only been as good as what our users have time to provide,” says Matthew Wells, senior manager of strategy and product marketing at Intralinks. “Partnering with PEI enables us to populate these portfolio profiles with unique data that will make Intralinks DealNexus a destination whether preparing for a pitch, researching, networking, or taking a deal to market.”
“We are very pleased that Intralinks DealNexus selected PEI ( as the engine to drive private equity firm and portfolio company data on its platform,” says Andy Jones, founder and president of PEI. “This integration should significantly enhance the DealNexus offering.”
Intralinks DealNexus is used by nearly 6,300 corporations, investment banks, M&A advisory firms, and private equity firms. It offers a secure way for dealmakers to intelligently find and confidentially engage with potential buyers and capital partners. With Intralinks DealNexus and the extended Intralinks suite of products, customers have an end-to-end solution for managing the full lifecycle of strategic transactions, from deal preparation, marketing and sourcing, all the way through to due diligence and execution.

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