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MAPFRE launches €350m private debt fund

MAPFRE, through MAPFRE AM, is launching MAPFRE Private Debt, a new fund that will bring together all the existing private debt investments of the insurance group’s subsidiaries, as well as new investments, up to an amount of €350 million.

The ultimate aim is to have exposure via 15 large fund managers, mainly in European investments denominated in euros. 

As with other MAPFRE investments, the firm says priority will be given to ESG criteria when making choosing managers. 

“This commitment to private debt helps us further diversify our portfolio as part of our range of alternative investments, without compromising at all on our conservative nature. It will also provide us with a little more profitability,” said  Álvaro Anguita, CEO of MAPFRE AM.
MAPFRE began investing in alternative assets through funds in 2018. Since then, the company says it has committed €1.35 billion in real estate, infrastructure, private equity, private debt and renewable funds.

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