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MatchPlace launches peer-to-peer invoice financing service

MatchPlace has launched a peer-to-peer Invoice Financing service for companies, called MatchPlace IF.

The new service is designed to help SMEs more efficiently manage their working capital by selling their outstanding invoices to investors.
The invoice financing facility allows companies to submit their invoices through the MatchPlace IF platform for verification and receive from MatchPlace IF’s registered investors a sum of up to 85 per cent of the invoice face value. 
It provides access to capital for business development or new projects at a typically lower cost of funds than traditional lenders. 
MatchPlace IF also offers investment opportunities for investors looking to diversify their portfolio while helping the local economy.
Benjamin Gedeon, CEO of MatchPlace, says: “Financing a trade receivable is one of the easiest ways for companies to acquire working capital. From 2011 (GBP4 million) to 2016 (GBP452 million), alternative finance Invoice Trading experienced a triple digit growth in UK. We funded our first invoice in London last December and we are now proud to fully open our Invoice Funding service to companies. We offer investment opportunities for investors looking to diversify their portfolio. After the successful launch of MatchPlace FX, the cross-border payments and foreign exchange service at fair prices in 2017, it is another milestone to help the local economy and companies to develop their business with innovative technology”.
MatchPlace curates Fintech solutions that bring the latest developments in technology to offer a new generation of services in the most efficient way.
Christophe Monget, CTO of MatchPlace, says: “Artificial intelligence is used in invoice financing with machine learning decision systems to optimise risk and to provide the best financing rates to our customers. We also use the latest Fintech technologies for the security of the payments on the platform”

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