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Omnes Capital launches Omnes Mezzanis n°3 Private Investors,

Omnes has launched an AMF-accredited FCPR (Fonds Communs de Placement à Risque) private equity fund for individuals wanting to invest in unlisted growth SMEs in France.

The aim of the fund is to invest in French companies with a value of EUR50 million to EUR300 million presenting solid fundamentals, an experienced management team and strong potential for operational development and/or growth through acquisitions.
With a target size of EUR30 million, the fund is designed to make joint investments alongside the Omnes Mezzanis 3 FPCI fund managed by Omnes (target size of EUR150 million), a third-generation private debt fund dedicated to French SMEs and midcaps.
It takes part in mezzanine and unitranche financing transactions – structuring of private debt bond products within the framework of LBO transactions or sponsorless transactions
Omnes offers private banking clients an investment strategy with the same performance targets as an institutional fund. It allows them to diversify their financial assets and support French SMEs creating wealth and jobs.
Investments in the fund begin at EUR5,000. It is distributed by LCL Private Banking and is open to marketing to other bank networks.
Investors in the Omnes Mezzanis n°3 Private Investors fund benefit from attractive tax benefits, with tax exemption for individuals on profits and capital gains on exit (excluding social security deductions).
Having worked with over 300 companies since 2004, Omnes has developed solid expertise in financing for businesses primarily by means of its private debt and buyout and growth capital investments.
Benjamin Arm, Managing Director at Omnes Capital, says: “On the back of the success of our private equity offering for individuals in 2015 (EUR72 million collected via our small cap buyout and growth capital fund), we are pleased to offer a new product for clients looking for high-performing investments against the backdrop of low interest rates. With Omnes Mezzanis n°3 Private Investors, we are using our expertise in French SMEs to serve private investors attracted by an asset class that makes sense.”

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