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Orion acquires compliance management software platform BasisCode Compliance

Orion Advisor Solutions is strengthening its compliance technology offering for clients by acquiring BasisCode Compliance, a provider of regulatory compliance and risk management technology. 

Founded in 2011, BasisCode provides trusted compliance management in a secure cloud environment with capabilities ranging from compliance testing and risk assessment to trading surveillance, insider trading, staff certifications and audit-ready reporting. Orion will add BasisCode to its best-in-class fintech integrations, cementing its status as the premier provider of the tech-enabled fiduciary framework that boosts financial advisors’ capacity to Prospect, Plan, Invest, and Achieve within a single, connected digital experience. The combined platform experience is expected to come to market quickly.  

“The adoption of regulatory technology like BasisCode has skyrocketed in recent years due to increasing regulatory complexity, cost pressure and the need for more data collection and analysis in financial services. By integrating BasisCode’s extensive compliance capabilities within Orion’s technology stack, we can help clients embody a culture of compliance and make the work they do in their most critical systems more connected and robust,” says Kylee Beach, General Counsel, Orion Advisor Solutions. “This acquisition strengthens Orion’s compliance technology offerings for clients, appealing both to Orion’s core client base of independent financial advisors as well as Enterprise firms such as independent broker-dealers, banks and custodians serving hybrid RIAs.” 

Best known for its cloud-based management software, BasisCode provides core compliance functions and personal trading and insider trading solutions to more than 400 firms globally including registered investment advisors, broker-dealers, compliance consulting firms, hedge funds and private fund managers, insurance companies, and banks. Additionally, in recent years, BasisCode has focused on partnerships with compliance industry consulting firms. Currently, more than 22 of the industry’s leading consulting firms, servicing hundreds of clients, have specified BasisCode as their preferred compliance technology provider. Under the Orion umbrella, BasisCode anticipates increased interactions between consultants and independent advisors seeking professional support.  

“Joining Orion brings unmatched scale to our best-in-class compliance offerings,” says Carlos Guillen, Founder, President and CEO of BasisCode. “BasisCode has long been established as one of the industry’s strongest integrated compliance platforms and now we’re thrilled to introduce the broader Orion client base to our simplified, centralised programs and provide them with a more holistic compliance solution.”  

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