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Over 1,000 investors have joined the web trading platform, Israel’s first secondary market trading arena, reports that over 1,000 investors have joined its platform since its launch.

The platform enables private investors from Israel and abroad to be introduced to employees, former employees and executives who are interested in selling securities in growing private hi-tech companies. Since its establishment, the company has signed contracts with hi-tech employees from prominent companies in Israel, who are interested in selling their securities. has profiled the investors who are seeking to take part in Israeli ventures in different hi-tech fields. According to the analysis, a high rate of the investors is foreign private investors, mostly from Europe, the USA and Canada, with an age range of 35 to 50. According to’s estimations, the average amount of capital available for conducting venture capital investments in the arena is approximately $50,000.
“We have opened up a new investors’ market. For the first time in Israel, investors can gain access to the securities of employees and former employees in attractive, and till now inaccessible, hi-tech companies, with an average investment of USD50,000,” says Tal Sharon, Director of Investor Relations at “The arena includes the securities of high-quality private hi-tech companies, alongside employees and entrepreneurs who create a lot of interest in the arena. The investors are introduced to the securities of companies with proven background, which have met the requirements set by The direct investment opportunities in companies which are presented on are both exclusive and pioneering. For the first time, there’s a meeting point between private investors and growing hi-tech companies in Israel and abroad.” 

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