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Polish VC investment fund Freya Capital joins PFR Starter programme

Freya Capital a venture capital fund that aims to provide investment support to early-stage companies has been added to the latest edition of the Polish Development Fund (PFR) Starter programme. The total capitalisation of Freya Capital is PLN64 million. 

Freya Capital intends to invest in seed/early-stage companies operating in Europe, with high growth potential and plans to expand into international markets. In the course of its cooperation the fund will support enterprises on the merits and business-wise, benefiting from the knowledge of its partners.

Freya Capital was established by a team of experienced entrepreneurs – Hubert Anyżewski, Zbigniew Barwicz, Jan Grochowicz and Michał Lewandowski – who, prior to establishing Freya Capital, had founded, developed and sold more than 10 companies with a total value exceeding PLN800 million.

The fund’s founders have also completed or participated in more than 100 transactions of various types, from seed financing, through subsequent financing rounds, to exits with a total value of over PLN3.7 billion. As a result, the managing partners of Freya Capital have extensive international experience running businesses and developing various companies, including startups. In their careers to date, they have participated in all the key stages of development of modern companies, in Poland and abroad, as investors, advisers and managers. Combining these experiences and cooperating with many international players (from Europe, Canada, the US and Asia), Freya Capital offers its partners not only capital commitment, but also comprehensive product, business and operational support.

“Freya Capital was established to support young Polish companies not only financially, but also on the merits, by offering them a ‘smart money package,” says Zbigniew Barwicz, Cofounder and Managing Partner of Freya Capital. “The founders of startups are experts primarily in the products or services they offer, but not very often in the area of business development. We want to help them by continuing and developing what we have been doing for over 25 years. Each of Freya Capital’s founders has experience building their own businesses and working on Polish and international business projects. We know and understand the market environment, so we know how to properly prepare the business for scaling and obtaining subsequent financing rounds. Our long-term goal is to support about 25 companies. We can allocate up to PLN 4 million for the development of each project. In the case of larger projects we do not exclude joint investments with other funds.”

The total capitalisation of the fund, which operates under the Polish Development Fund (PFR) Starter programme, is PLN64 million. For the development of its activity, Freya Capital received the maximum amount of funding available to a single entity in PFR Ventures grants.

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