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Stone Capital Partners and Biosyngen to setup USD50m biopharmaceutical investment fund in Singapore

Stone Capital and Biosyngen have partnered to establish a USD50 million biopharmaceutical investment Fund in Singapore for the Biosyngen biopharmaceutical technology transfer platform and to incubate companies.

Biosyngen has been an angel investment platform for biopharmaceutical projects, who has formed projects with selected early stage technologies after stringent screening process. This fund allows Biosyngen to take advantage of Singapore pool of talent, technology, regulations, government support and other industrial resources, in particular cell therapy technologies, Biosyngen provides high-efficient incubation support and clinical transformation of the projects. The Company is also taking advantage of the Chinese government’s policy support, environment and the rich clinical trial resources in China. When the projects reach certain level of maturity, they will be further developed and commercialised in China and ASEAN, thereby meeting the needs of both markets.

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