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SWEN Capital Partners launches private-banking focused infrastructure fund

SWEN Capital Partners, a specialist sustainable private equity, is offering privileged access to the infrastructure asset class, generally reserved for institutional investors, with the launch of SWEN Exclusive Infrastructures. 

SWEN Capital Partners, a specialist sustainable private equity, is offering privileged access to the infrastructure asset class, generally reserved for institutional investors, with the launch of SWEN Exclusive Infrastructures. 

This SPF (Specialized Professional Fund) is aimed at sophisticated investors, with a minimum subscription commitment of EUR200k.
SWEN Capital Partners has chosen to expand access to its Infrastructure range, previously reserved for its institutional clients. This asset class is essential to our economy and sits at the nexus of sustainable recovery and growth issues. With infrastructure investment needs estimated at USD94 trillion, versus the USD79 trillion set to be financed between now and 2040, the asset class aims to generate regular, long-term returns thanks to a strong deal flow that calls for ever greater financing to address the challenges of sustainable development. To meet these needs, the SWEN Exclusive Infrastructures fund will co-invest alongside the SWEN Infra Multi-Select 4 (SIMS 4) fund, which offers a mainly European investment program in diversified sectors such as telecommunications, sustainable transport, energy transition and social infrastructure.
With over a hundred institutional clients and a unique ecosystem, SWEN Capital Partners offers a platform for innovative and sustainable investment solutions in both multi-strategy and direct investment.
SWEN Capital Partners, supported by the OFI group, has joined forces with Groupe Crystal to design a vehicle that best meets the current expectations of wealthy clients seeking to diversify their assets into private equity in a context favourable to private infrastructure financing. Marketing of this product will initially rely on the Group’s financial advisors.
The fund, which is limited to sophisticated investors, has a target size of EUR60 million and aims for a net internal rate of return (IRR) of 8 per cent to 10 per cent. Participation will provide access to a diversified portfolio of approximately 40 holdings in the above-mentioned sectors.

Investors will also benefit from SWEN Capital Partners’ considerable expertise in the analysis of ESG criteria, which have been at the heart of every decision for over a decade. Four ESG markers have been established to provide a reliable compass for orienting responsible investment. The markers chosen allow us to assess the maturity of management companies and assets. The teams can thus identify areas for improvement and monitor their progress. Depending on the marker profile of each asset, SWEN CP may organise a commitment and dialogue process. And lastly, in line with SWEN CP’s raison d’être and values, the fund will gradually implement a “Net Environmental Contribution” (NEC) methodology, starting with direct investments. A true environmental footprint based on a multi-criteria approach, NEC measures the alignment of an activity (company or project) with ecological and climate transition. Science-based and relying on physical units, it addresses not only climate issues but also biodiversity, water, waste/resources, and air quality.
The management company will benefit from a nine-strong investment team of experienced individuals, reinforced by a committee of four independent experts and an ESG team of eight employees, led by Isabelle Combarel, Deputy Managing Director in charge of Development and ESG. All of these professionals have previously demonstrated their ability to create custom investment programs for investors and to provide regular returns consistent with the risk levels offered by this asset class.
“We are delighted to offer individual investors a turnkey solution for accessing the infrastructure market with the launch of our SWEN Exclusive Infrastructures fund. As a long-standing and leading ESG player and an infrastructure pioneer with EUR2.7 billion of assets under management in this business, we are confident that this initiative will meet with strong interest from investors. With this vehicle, we are also determined to offer individual investors an opportunity to behave as responsible investors, combining financial and extra-financial performance by directing their savings towards the real economy,” says Jérôme Delmas, CEO of SWEN Capital Partners.
“Through its positioning on a high-end clientele both in France and internationally, Groupe Crystal has become a major player in the distribution of private equity solutions, which we aim to make 20 per cent of our inflows for 2021. For several years, we have been seeking to offer our individual clients an opportunity in the highly popular asset class of unlisted infrastructure. This is now a reality thanks to our long-term partnership with OFI AM and, more specifically, its subsidiary specialising in unlisted investments, SWEN Capital Partners, with whom we worked on the design of SWEN Exclusive Infrastructures to best suit the needs of our clients,” explains Jean-Maximilien Vancayezeele, Director General of Groupe Crystal.
“The unlisted infrastructure asset class is very attractive but difficult to access. Determined to open its product range to private management, SWEN Capital Partners worked with a wealth management specialist to create a product combining direct investment and secondary funds that fully meets the diversification needs of a wealth management clientele,” says Xavier Le Blan, Director of Innovation and Private Management at SWEN Capital Partners.

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