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SWEN Capital Partners raises EUR307.5m for second infrastructure fund

SWEN Capital Partners has closed its second Infrastructure fund at EUR307.5 million, well above its initial target of EUR200 million, and the EUR120 million collected in 2010 for its first fund.

The fund of funds will invest primarily in core infrastructure assets, but also in renewable energy and greenfield projects, with a focus on geographical and sector diversification. A committed SRI player, the management team favours a top-down approach to allocation, investing in the primary market, the secondary market, and participating in joint investments to bolster transaction flow and enhance financial income.
Jérôme Delmas, CEO of SWEN Capital Partners, says: “This second successful fund raising can be attributed to a recognition of our team's expertise in infrastructure allocation and its capacity to respond to the expectations of our clients. We are well placed to operate as a major player in this strategy and offer our investors a real partnership in their infrastructure allocations".
Jean-Philippe Richaud, Managing Director of SWEN Capital Partners, adds: “With more than fifteen investments, this second-generation fund is presently over 60% invested and distributed its first interest payment to investors after the final closing. This is good news for the investors in the fund which, like its predecessor, has not seen a ‘J’ curve".

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