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SWISS partners with AirPortr to offer new at-home luggage collection and check-in service

As part of a new partnership with AirPortr – a digital platform and provider of intelligent baggage management solutions – Swiss International Airlines (SWISS) is now offering passengers departing from Geneva Airport the option of having their baggage collected at home through the AirPortr service.

By booking online, SWISS passengers can have their bags securely collected up to 23 hours prior to departure from their home or hotel and delivered on to the destination airport. The service is available across the Lemanic Region, including Geneva, Nyon, Montreux and Lausanne, (with prices from CHF39 in Geneva or CHF59 in Lausanne), and once the initial test phase is complete it should be extended across the whole of Switzerland. SWISS is currently the first airline to offer this service in Switzerland, but it will soon be extended to other airlines of the Lufthansa Group.
The AirPortr offering will give SWISS passengers the opportunity to travel hands-free to the airport and through its terminals. As their luggage is already processed, customers can go directly to security and bypass the check-in and baggage drop-off areas, saving time and facilitating contactless travel in the airport.
The smart baggage solution also opens up the use of public transport to customers that would not previously have considered it. In a recent survey of AirPortr users, 66 per cent of customers switched to public transport as a direct result of not needing to carry their luggage.  SWISS is committed to intermodality and sees this as an important part of helping to halve its CO2 emissions by 2050.
“Our customers tell us that managing their luggage is one of the difficult parts of travel. We listened to them and, thanks to this partnership with AirPortr, we can offer them a new travel experience, which starts at home. Together, we will demonstrate that traveling can be easy, fast and transparent, whatever mode you choose. This service is significantly superior to conventional luggage delivery services and it will make a positive impact on sustainable travel,” says Tamur Goudarzi Pour, Chief Commercial Officer of SWISS.
Randel Darby, CEO and Founder of AirPortr, says: “SWISS, together with the Lufthansa Group, is leading the way to become the world’s most digitally advanced airline group, using digitalisation to improve the customer experience, make travel more connected, greener and optimise operational activities on the ground. Switzerland has a first-class public transport system. It therefore offers an ideal environment for our collaboration with SWISS and is the first deployment of the partnership with Swissport announced in September.”
AirPortr, in partnership with Swissport – the world’s leading provider of ground services and air cargo handling – takes care of the baggage pick-up. Identity documents and boarding passes are checked upon collection of the baggage. The baggage is sealed for secure delivery to the airport where it will go through the standard security checks. The customer then receives digital baggage tags and is kept up to date on the status of their bags via emails and SMS at every step of the journey.
Bruno Stefani, Managing Director of Swissport in Switzerland and France, adds: “We want to create added value for airlines and their passengers with the aim of offering a simpler and even more enjoyable travel experience in the future. Through easy-to-use and intuitive solutions, the complexity of baggage handling will be transformed into a passenger-oriented service, allowing them to customize ancillary services according to their individual needs.”

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