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Taurus launches new VC fund for Israeli tech market

Taurus Asset Finance has launched a new Venture Capital Fund – Arie Ventures – focused on investing in Israeli-sourced technology and its worldwide potential.

The fund is looking to raise up to USD200 million, and is based in the UK.  It is open to institutional investors, Fund of Funds, and Family offices with a minimum investment of USD2 million.  Its target is to raise an initial USD60 million for a “1st close” on June 30th 2015.
The fund, which is to be chaired by Sir Colin Chandler, will invest primarily in Israeli technology companies with strong, scalable IP, where there has been proof of concept and where there are identifiable potential markets for the company to grow.
Arie Ventures will look to invest between USD3 million and USD10 million per company.
As well as capital, the start-up companies involved will benefit from business development assistance to grow their companies commercially, and expand into new markets. 

Simon Tobelem, Founding Partner, Arie Ventures, says: “Israel is home to some major players in the tech sector. This fund offers investors a unique opportunity to benefit from a country with an impressive track record in making technology breakthroughs.
“We have chosen a three-phased investment strategy for a number of reasons – we believe it has a strong chance of yielding early revenues for investors as a result of facilitating growth in certain markets, and we also see it as offering more than one exit opportunity per investment, thereby creating the possibility of enhanced returns.

“The Arie Ventures fund is also a great opportunity for businesses looking to grow commercially and develop into new markets.”
Arie Ventures will add to its unique investment approach by creating a Triangular Investment Platform, including a strong team in the UK, Israel and Asia, that will work together in screening and assessing the same investment opportunity.

Tobelem adds: “Asian investors make up a large part of the Israeli VC sector both directly and indirectly. The three-way investment platform builds on this and allows for a new opportunity in strengthening Asian-Israeli cooperation. It also opens new markets for Israeli companies to bring their technology into; offering further potential for significant returns for investors.”

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