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Value of UK M&A deal activity up 11 per cent in 2011, according to Experian Corpfin

The total value of UK mergers, acquisitions, flotations, rights issues and placements was GBP229 billion for 2011, an increase of 11 per cent on 2010, according to Experian Corpfin. The overall volume remained fairly constant, dropping by only two per cent.

The value of UK Large transactions (those exceeding £100m in value) where a consideration was disclosed was up by 13 per cent to GBP201 billion in 2011, with the volume of transactions (300) identical year-on-year.
BDO International has been the most active financial advisor by volume with 83 deals, while Citigroup topped the value league with deals worth a total of GBP48 billion. The leading legal advisors were DLA Piper (126 transactions) and Sullivan & Cromwell LLP (GBP43 billion total deal value from 13 transactions).
Some 45 per cent of all European transactions involved a UK firm, while the UK contributed to a 37 per cent of the total value of European deals during 2011. During 2010 the UK was represented in only 39 per cent of the European M&A activity and 31 per cent of the value.
The total value of European transactions in 2011 was GBP618 billion, a decrease of eight per cent on the 2010 values. There were 16 per cent fewer transactions during this year with 9,579 compared to the 11,353 witnessed in 2010.

In the USA volumes were down in the year by 23 per cent, while values were up by seven per cent.

Asia Pacific witnessed declines in both volume and value during 2011, by 13 per cent and 17 per cent respectively.
Wendy Smith, Business Development Manager at Experian Corpfin, says: “A 20 per cent increase in the volume of private equity backed buy-outs means that UK M&A deal activity has remained relatively robust in 2011, with a notable increase in the total value of deals – especially at the large end – against stable volumes. There still appear to be good opportunities for investment and growth across the country.”

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