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Wellbeam Consumer Health acquires Penetrex

Wellbeam Consumer Health, formerly Yukon Wellness Holdings, has acquired Penetrex, a leading joint & muscle relief and recovery brand. Penetrex is Wellbeam Consumer Health’s second acquisition in the ecommerce-focused wellness brands space. Eu Natural, a fast-growing, digitally-native provider of vitamin and mineral nutritional supplement products, was acquired in January 2021. 

Wellbeam Consumer Health, an American Pacific Group portfolio company, is led by Chris Marschall, who was appointed as CEO in February 2021 to build out and expand the business. Wellbeam Consumer Health’s goal is to be the leading ecommerce-based consumer wellness business and is actively seeking to grow its portfolio of digitally-native consumer wellness brands via acquisition, with the backing of American Pacific Group. 
Penetrex was founded by Robert Farb after watching his wife suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Farb was inspired to develop a product to address the needs of those experiencing joint and muscle discomfort. Since its founding in 2008, Penetrex relief and recovery cream has grown to be used by over two million consumers in over 65 countries and has become the #1 five-star rated product on Amazon, as well as an ‘Amazon’s Choice’ best-seller since 2009.
“I’m proud to have built Penetrex into an industry-leading relief and recovery brand and am confident that it will be elevated even further within the Wellbeam portfolio,” says Farb. “The transaction process was easier than I anticipated; both American Pacific Group and Wellbeam have been thoughtful partners. I’m looking forward to seeing them apply their expertise, focus, and investment to extend and grow the Penetrex brand.”
“The addition of a proven brand like Penetrex is another step in building a differentiated and diversified wellness portfolio,” says Chris Marschall, CEO of Wellbeam Consumer Health. “At Wellbeam, we are passionate about bringing our expertise to accelerate impactful brands like Penetrex and Eu Natural that enable consumers to reach their wellness goals and live healthier lives.”

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