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Alumni Ventures Group launches post-Covid-19 fund

Venture capital firm Alumni Ventures Group (AVG), has opened a new fund focused on investing in entrepreneurial companies working to shape and accelerate the world’s recovery from the Covid-19 crisis. The Post-Covid Fund will invest in ventures that either directly or indirectly address the multiple impacts of the virus and that demonstrate strong resilience in the face of Covid- and recession-related challenges. Likely target sectors include healthcare, technology, services, data monitoring and analysis, learning, payments, communications, entertainment, and others.

“We believe this pandemic has changed our world forever,” says Michael Collins, CEO of Alumni Ventures Group. “Trends will accelerate. Whole new markets will emerge. Industries will be reshaped, and new approaches taken as we start to tackle the problems and opportunities inherent in our post-Covid world. Out of this crisis, we expect to see dozens of new market leaders created who will be attractive investments in both the near and longer term. We think it’s an excellent time to be a venture investor focused on this new reality.”

AVG’s Post-Covid fund offers accredited investors the opportunity to invest in a portfolio of approximately 20-30 companies aligned to the fund’s investment thesis, diversified by stage, sector, geography, and lead investor. The 10-year venture fund is targeting an initial raise of USD10 million and will co-invest exclusively with established venture firms.

The fund’s portfolio will include follow-on investments in AVG’s existing portfolio of more than 430 companies, as well as new investments vetted and secured by AVG’s 16 alumni funds and team of investment professionals.
Since 2014, AVG has been providing venture capital portfolios for some of the more than 10 million accredited Americans who have largely been unable to access a professional, diversified venture portfolio until now. AVG offers over 20 private venture funds, primarily for alumni from leading academic institutions including Harvard, Stanford, Cornell, MIT, Princeton, Yale, and Dartmouth. The Post-Covid Fund is open to any accredited investor.

As Collins notes: “The Post-Covid Fund is a response to the fact that this virus is affecting everyone. We think all communities should come together to support problem solvers. Both AVG and our investors want to help play a role in how society moves beyond Covid-19. It’s a chance to do good for the world and do well through your portfolio.”

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