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Backed launches private equity token

In a bid to facility the re-allocation of global funds from the stock market to futuristic assets like decentralised private equity, Backed has introduced a decentralised private equity fund based on blockchain to aid investors and companies with strategic and financial support and high-performance asset class placements.

Backed is a community of like-minded individuals who utilise scientific means for calculating optimal mixes between asset classes (digital assets and private equity) to maximise their investors’ returns. The entire ecosystem is based on blockchain support and works on a reward-based system per individual contributions. 

The company also aims to offer security and privacy with frameworks for compliance models and regulatory bodies. Furthermore, with their futuristic approach, the company aims to eliminate issues like tax manipulation and money laundering, fostering a transparent and reliable monetary system in the future and establishing a new investment trend. Backed has also introduced its ERC1400 security standard-based private equity token BACD. 

BACD is a security-like token that can work as a utility token for exchange and payments and represents private equity ownership. Its design is based on the ERC1400 security token design standard. The token will work towards fractionalisation, digitalisation, and storing assets and the investment portfolio’s value.

The token comes with a 12 month vesting period for founders and advisors and facilitates the fair distribution of a total of one billion tokens for presales and global launch.

Backed will aid global companies with blockchain solutions and move their stocks portfolios to digital assets. The ultimate goal is to make a global change with support from the Fintech industry. The company is currently working on listing BACD on selected exchanges. In the coming stages, the company will update and revise its portfolio and technology for optimization, initiate a global launch, and facilitate multi-exchange listing.

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