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Clipper Coin Capital to list on Coinsuper

Clipper Coin Capital (CCCX) is to have its global exclusive premier listing on Hong Kong-based crypto exchange Coinsuper on 14 May 2018.

Coinsuper provides crypto trading services to individuals and institutions. It has built a professional crypto exchange with strict listing standards, and ensures stakeholders’ safety with state-of-the-art digital security technology. Coinsuper has a team of professionals with broad experience in financial services, wealth management, and blockchain technology.
Clipper Coin Capital is a decentralised brokerage and investment bank focusing on cryptocurrency markets. Clipper Crypto Rating helps crypto participants avoid ICO scams and trade in the future of blockchain technology. Clipper Coin Capital has created crypto market indices and is working on Crypto ETFs. It also provides investment banking services to promising blockchain projects.
As a leader in promoting the public trust in the crypto currency market, Coinsuper is dedicated to creating a better and more secure exchange platform, especially for new ICO listings, to ensure a scam-free crypto environment, and to provide crypto participants with financial education and advisory services.

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