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Cognolink relaunches as Third Bridge in the UK and globally

Cognolink, a research partner for hedge funds and private equity funds, has announced a new name and brand identity for the company, becoming ‘Third Bridge’ both in the UK and globally.

This move is designed to align the firm’s naming and identity with its strategy and future growth plans under one unified, global brand.
Third Bridge provides private equity firms, mutual funds, hedge funds and strategy consultants with qualitative insights to better understand the true value of their investment opportunities. These range from one-to-one or group consultations between investors and industry experts, to syndicated reports offering unbiased intelligence on particular markets or deals.
In Botswana ‘third bridge’, refers to the last bridge to cross before arriving in unexplored territory; difficult to find and even harder to reach. It has become a metaphor for Third Bridge’s determination to navigate complex (and often hidden or hard-to-find) information to uncover valuable insights for its clients.
Emmanuel Tahar (pictured), Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Third Bridge, says: “This is a pivotal moment in our journey to become the most trusted research partner for investors, and reflects the significant growth and progress we have achieved in recent years. Working across a wide range of industries and geographies, we have become a single firm capable of providing the crucial pieces to the investment puzzle across a range of complementary services for investors.
“The name Third Bridge underpins everything we stand for: in a world of search engines and social networks, where every deal seems brokered and knowledge is plentiful but often biased, we cut through complexity and provide the qualified opinions and invaluable information that can make or break a deal.”


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