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Fieldin raises USD30m in Series B round led by Fortissimo Capital

American-Israeli AgTech startup Fieldin has completed a USD30 million Series B funding round, led by Fortissimo Capital, with the participation of Zeev Ventures, Icon Ventures, Luxembourg-based Maor Investments, and Akkadian ventures. 

Series B funders join early-stage investors Terra Ventures, Gal Ventures, Germin8, and Mindset, with the aim of scaling Fieldin’s agricultural operating system. The close of Series B brings Fieldin’s total fundraising to USD55 million.

Fieldin’s agricultural operating system (AgOS) empowers commercial farmers to adapt to a rapidly changing environment, using real-time data and performance management tools to digitise the operations of an industry that has been slow to embrace the technological revolution. The AgOS leverages machine learning and AI to provide custom recommendations for the management of key work processes, supporting crop health and yields, improving sustainability, and boosting overall efficiency and profits.

The Fieldin platform evaluates and manages the entire growing cycle from planning to execution, including equipment, workers, materials, and more. Sensors are installed on tractors, machines, and farm implements (such as sprayers, harvesters, and mowers), turning all operational equipment into ‘smart’ machines. Data from operators and the field are transmitted in real time to the Fieldin platform for analysis. Aggregated data and dashboards create visibility and insight for key farm decision-makers, strengthening accountability, precision, practices, and results.

The company’s technology is already deployed in five of the 10 largest farms in California and supports more than 20 per cent of global almond production. Major client Olam, one of the leading almond growers in the world, uses the platform to reinforce its sustainability programs and maximise productivity. Other Fieldin clients include Taylor Farms, which grows 30 per cent of the lettuce consumed in the US, and California Olive Ranch. Fieldin delivers an estimated 25 per cent improvement in farm productivity across its client portfolio.

Fieldin was founded in 2013 by Boaz Bachar (CEO) and Iftach Birger (COO), both of whom have a family background in Israeli agriculture. The company has operations in San Jose and Fresno, California, an R&D centre in Yoqneam, Israel, and an office in Mildura, Australia.

Boaz Bachar, co-founder, and CEO of Fieldin, notes: “Fieldin is reinventing agricultural management methods and digitizing operations from beginning to end. Our technology provides the entire ecosystem of farm stakeholders with customized tools to manage against operating constraints in real time. This is a game-changer for commercial farmers who want to thrive amid the complexities of the coming agricultural era.”

Bachar adds: “we are starting to see the development of autonomous farm equipment— it’s an exciting milestone for the industry. Our AgOS easily interfaces with digital equipment and can both manage and disseminate the data produced by the coming wave of autonomous farm technologies.”

Iftach Birger, co-founder and COO of Fieldin, says: “Today’s growers are challenged by many factors, like chronic labor shortages, strict regulations, pests, unpredictable weather, water shortages, oil prices, and more. Fieldin is driving the strategic utilization of agricultural resources against these constraints, not only optimizing operations and reducing costs, but also making a positive global contribution through better food, higher yields, and environmental impact management.”

Yoav Hineman, partner at Fortissimo Capital, adds: “The unprecedented challenges faced by commercial farming can be tackled not only by regulation but also through innovative companies that can move quickly to scale superior technologies. Fieldin is exactly that kind of company, and we chose to invest in order to help it spearhead the autonomous farming revolution.”

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