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Hermance Capital Partners launches Hermance Capital Connect digital investment platform

Hermance Capital Partners, a specialist in unlisted investments, is going digital by opening an online platform facilitating access, analysis and execution of transactions in private markets. 

Hermance Capital Connect’s objective is to democratise access to private equity, private real estate and private debt funds, previously reserved for a certain elite, by offering far below average entry tickets. The company says the opening of this asset class to any investment professional is a real revolution for the sector. 

The platform is aimed at as private banks, family offices, pension funds or even independent managers seeks to simplify access to unlisted investments such as private equity, private real estate and private debt, a generally complex and expensive process. The platform was developed in collaboration with Delio, a fintech specialising in the IT development of secure solutions in private markets.

Since its foundation, Hermance Capital Partners has been focused on providing access to the private markets to a wider client base. Through its fund of fund offering the firm has found success with clients looking to access top-tier private asset managers, whether in private equity, private debt or private real estate.  Accessing these elusive managers through a well-diversified portfolio has been the structure of choice for both institutional investors who lack the in-house private market expertise as well as private clients who have smaller allocations to place. Hermance Capital Connect is an extension of the firm’s investment philosophy and now allows these investors a transparent and efficient access to their offering.  

The Hermance Capital Connect platform will offer a wide range of online services. It will channel the information made available to investors and provide access to a selection of the best managers active in private equity, real estate and private debt. In addition, the minimum investment threshold on the platform will be USD 150,000 – while private equity funds usually require a contribution of USD10 million. The platform will also facilitate the subscription procedures with the possibility of completing the subscription forms online. It will offer educational content allowing a better understanding of this asset class. Finally, it will allow investors to access their reporting, thus offering better transparency on the portfolio and the performance generated. 

Jacques Chillemi, Co-founder and CEO of Hermance Capital Partners, says: “We are thrilled to be able to share our deep private markets experience with a wider investor base.  Private markets, though a growing asset class, continues to suffer from a lack of transparency for investors. With Hermance Capital Connect we are looking to change this. Our goal is also to improve efficiency by providing a solution that accelerates and facilitates subscriptions, which will ultimately be 100 per cent digitised.” 

Pavel Ermoline, Investment Manager at Hermance Capital Partners, explains: “Unlisted investments have long been considered an inaccessible asset class, reserved exclusively for an elite with significant internal resources. The platform allows us to democratise access to private markets by providing access to our selection of investment opportunities, providing transparent information, and improving the underwriting and reporting process. Developed with the support of Delio, Hermance Capital Connect is a unique entry point in Switzerland that will allow qualified investors to diversify their portfolios by integrating more easily private markets funds.” 

David Newman, CCO and Co-founder of Delio, adds: “We founded Delio with the simple mission of helping private banks leverage technology to unlock private markets for their clients. With Hermance Capital Partners, we have the pleasure of working closely with a partner who embodies that vision. Through our collaboration, shared commitment to digital transformation & combined experience of the Swiss wealth market we are able to accelerate the democratisation of access to private markets for HNW & UHNW investors in Switzerland and beyond. This partnership and the support of Bordier, Reyl & Banque Paris Bertrand enables this vision to become a reality.”

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