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Kaiserwetter launches IRIS to accelerate M&A transactions for UK renewable energy assets

Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management (Kaiserwetter) has launched IRIS – Analytics Machine, a technology spin-off of IoT platform Aristoteles. 

The algorithms developed by Kaiserwetter provide detailed analysis of operational data of renewable energy facilities for a given point in time and are aimed at accelerating the technical due diligence process for wind farms and the respective machinery prior to M&A transactions. Kaiserwetter provides data reports to the client within five days.

The data reports include an assessment of possible performance increase (potential gain), which is regarded as a “magic number” for stakeholders in the investment cycle. Kaiserwetter’s clients can see whether a potential exits, from a technical perspective, for improving the investment return.

With its detailed status and potential analysis, IRIS focuses on wind energy facilities and entire wind parks. Potential clients for due diligence reports and the related potential analyses include investors, sellers, financing banks, rating agencies and M&A consultants. In addition to due diligence reports, Kaiserwetter also offers status reports and potential analyses, the latter being the smallest and most inexpensive analysis report option available from IRIS.

“IRIS is another case in point that shows how digital innovations can make existing processes easier and more efficient. This saves Kaiserwetter’s clients valuable time and money. First and foremost, it shows that in Germany, we are in a position to drive digital transformation for renewable energy around the world. The web-based approach of IRIS knows no borders or limits,” says Hanno Schoklitsch, the founder and CEO of Kaiserwetter.

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