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Mergermarket Group rebrands as ‘Acuris’

Mergermarket Group, a provider of business intelligence and research for fixed income, transactions, infrastructure, compliance and equities, has re-launched under the brand name Acuris.

The Company is globally recognised through its unique portfolio of brands, with 700+ reporters, analysts and developers covering financial markets throughout Europe, Asia and the United States. Acuris has 17 offices globally, including three headquarters in London, New York and Hong Kong.
The Acuris brand is designed to communicate the wide-ranging activities of the Company’s research and intelligence titles and the qualities that unite them. All output from the Company is informed by its ‘acumen’, ‘curation’ and ‘insight’, and these concepts have been combined to create Acuris. Beyond the rebrand itself, the launch of Acuris will see a restructuring of the product portfolio, to better enable subscribers and customers to take advantage of the depth of data and insights that exists across products.
Acuris products, which include Mergermarket, Debtwire, Inframation, C6 and more, are focused on providing sharp, analytical and non-linear thinking and industry-leading-expertise, with networks that reach into the farthest corners of the markets they cover.
The rebranded and unified offering will ensure that content remains front and centre of Acuris’ operations, while facilitating a standardised look and feel across products. Proprietary information will remain Acuris’ key differentiator – from intelligence and legal analysis to credit research and industry trend reports – with the new logo adapted for each brand retaining an overarching visual identity.
Commenting on the rebrand, Hamilton Matthews (pictured), CEO of Acuris, says: “Since the foundation of Mergermarket Group in 2000 we have executed a string of successful transactions, and these have seen our product suite grow far beyond the confines of M&A intelligence.
“We now cover a broader range of sectors, providing dynamic solutions to a steadily increasing subscriber base. As a result, we are launching a brand that covers every part of our business, and clearly articulates the shared qualities that form the bedrock of all our products.
“This is the beginning of a journey. By the end of 2017, all our products will have been fully rebranded, in accordance with the new Acuris’ identity. We are regularly speaking to subscribers to make sure that our business remains their first port of call for proprietary market intelligence, analysis and opportunity assessment. Their feedback will drive ongoing improvements to our products and strategy, and we look forward to meeting and exceeding their expectations.”

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