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Miravast completes MBO

Miravast LLC, a Delaware based LLC, specialising in life contingent assets, has been launched by former senior members of the AIG life settlements team in 2012 with financial backing.    

In 2016, Miravast earned sufficient capital to support its ongoing business needs and executed a buyout of external equity interests. Following the transaction, the firm's management team now owns 100 per cent of the firm's equity and voting rights.

"As we look at our accomplishments over the past four years and plot the future of the company, we felt our clients and employees would be best served by senior management owning 100% of the firm's equity. We are excited to take this next step," says Bill Taylor, CEO of Miravast.
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Miravast also recently added to its executive team by hiring Dave Cherkas to lead business development efforts as the Chief Marketing Officer of Miravast. "We have worked with Dave for several years and we have a deep appreciation for his 17 years of experience in the life settlement asset class.  He brings an extensive and diverse skill set to our team," says David Beckelman, President of Miravast.

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