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Private Equity Wire summit addresses key trends in Europe’s emerging manager space

The key trends shaping Europe’s mid-market space were the focus of Private Equity Wire’s European Mid-Market Summit, which was held in London yesterday (25 June).

‘Inside the mind of the modern mid-market/emerging PE manager’ at the Reform Club in Pall Mall, provided around 80 attendees with the opportunity to meet with and listen to some of Europe’s leading emerging managers in a series of panel discussions including: Value creation in Europe’s mid-markets, Fee structures and creative solutions, Cybersecurity Trends & Opportunities, and Fundraising tactics and strategies to win over LPs. 

Panelists included Allen MacDonnell, Teacher Retirement System of Texas, Laura Leyland, Asante Capital Group, George Ralph, RFA (UK), and Kate O’Meara, Asante Capital Group.

Ricardo Crillo, Founding & Managing Partner of DIO Capital also made a presentation on how to set up a private equity spin out.

Attendees have praised both the calibre of the panelists and the breadth of topics up for discussion during the day.

Speaking after the event, attendee Zoe Yeo of Headway Capital, said: “The topics covered were very diverse and interesting and there were a wide range of attendees and speakers, all with different viewpoints.” 

Private Equity Wire Editor-in-Chief, James WIlliams, who hosted the event, says: “Yesterday’s event provided a forum for some of London’s leading PE emerging managers to showcase their talent and discuss key issues; from how to create value in Europe’s middle markets to thinking about fees and fundraising techniques to achieve better alignment with investors. These managers are a key component in respect to providing growth capital to build sustainable long-term businesses both in the UK and Europe. I’m pleased to say this inaugural event was evidence that London’s PE emerging manager community is alive and kicking.”

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