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Proptech Convivia secures significant PE investment

An innovative property and tech investment firm has unveiled its plans to revolutionise the public housing sector following a private equity investment deal worth hundreds of millions. 

Influenced by the Latin ‘Convivo’, meaning to ‘live at the same time’, Convivia was established in 2017 by CEO, Roy Ledgister, with a vision to create an inspirational property and tech portfolio that delivers experiential living and brings communities to life. 

In recognising the growing demand for affordable homes across the UK, Ledgister and the Convivia board have shifted 100 per cent of their focus to the public sector with the imminent launch of an exciting new brand.

To be launched under the Convivia umbrella, the new brand has been developed to create parity between the quality of public and private housing, by offering residents luxurious accommodation with cutting-edge technology and life-changing facilities to enhance personal development and physical well-being. 

With the acquisition of numerous sites being finalised, including an 80-plus unit apartment complex in Maidstone, Kent, together with developments throughout the country, the first Conviva site will be available to residents in 2022. 

Roy Ledgister, Founder and CEO of Convivia, says: “Although the demand for housing continues to grow, very little has changed in the standard of properties developed for individuals and families UK wide. Convivia is committed to driving this change by completely revolutionising public housing – offering communities accessible, luxurious, and quality affordable homes that provide residents with the tech tools and resource needed to transform their lives. 

“However, it doesn’t just stop there – in addition to creating inspiring spaces, we also aim to positively impact the local areas in which all Convivia sites are built, through a number of environmental and social initiatives that will benefit the wider community.

“With construction underway, both the Board and I are incredibly excited about the future of Convivia and the positive impact our developments will have on peoples’ lives and the public housing sector as a whole – watch this space.”

A successful Barrister and proven entrepreneur, Ledgister boasts extensive experience in the development of a successful public housing property portfolio, having turned a GBP50 million investment into GBP185 million worth of assets in just five years.

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