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BlackRock holds final close of Diversified Private Debt Fund at £1.7bn

BlackRock has held the final close of its Diversified Private Debt Fund (DPD) with a total capital raise of £1.7 billion. DPD was developed in partnership with UK consultants to provide exposure to a diversified mix of standalone, scaled private debt strategies through a single solution. 

This simplified governance structure combines bottom-up selection with top-down strategy allocation and the flexibility to capitalise on market dynamics.
Managed by James Keenan, CIO and global head of credit, the Fund leverages BlackRock’s 20+ years in Private Debt to invest across US and European Direct Lending, US and European Real Estate Debt, and Global Opportunistic strategies, which combined have over £30 billion of capital deployed across multiple vintages.
The investment team is focused on building a cohesive portfolio that ensures complementary exposures and diversification benefits for clients. DPD has had a strong deployment pace with 60% invested across 164 investments to date and is on track to be fully deployed by early next year, well ahead of target.

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