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MINEXIA launches online mining investment platform NR Private Market

MINEXIA has launched NR Private Market which is designed to help mining and exploration companies simplify and streamline their capital raising process and provide access to mining-focussed capital.

The platform has also been designed to help private, sophisticated and high net-worth investors gain access to a range of mining and exploration investment opportunities that might otherwise only be available to institutions.
Core to the NR Private Market experience is to provide eligible investors with more control over their investing process whilst delivering more transparency between the investor and the mining and exploration companies raising capital. 
“We provide investors with an easy-to-use, customised online dashboard to manage and monitor their investments, follow companies, request access to offering documents and invest online via a secure escrow facility. This level of investor control provides for a more engaging and inclusive experience for both the investor and the mining companies raising capital,” says James Bellamy, MINEXIA’s founder & CEO.
All platform users are vetted in compliance with KYC and AML regulations with all mining deals screened by a professional technical and mining finance team before being on-boarded. NR Private Market is all about simplifying the process of making investments in the mining sector and delivering an accommodating and transparent experience for the investor.
“The current state of the market is imposing barriers to capital raising and this is particularly impacting the junior mining and exploration sector. We feel that NR Private Market provides mining companies with an alternative potential pathway to raising capital in a cost effective manner, facilitating their advancement and progress,” says David Bellingham, MINEXIA’s Investment Director.

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