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Miura launches automated AIFMD reporting application ARAN

Miura Consulting’s ARAN solution is now supporting Fund clients with an automated “plug-and-play” AIFMD submission service. 

ARAN was designed to eliminate the complexity and resource intensity of completing a manual submission and to reduce the cost of implementing an automated solution.

The Alternative Investment Fund Management Directive (AIFMD) is the latest stringent regulatory reporting requirement, aimed to deliver transparency to the hedge fund and asset management industries. As many Hedge funds are completing their first fund submission this month, Miura has been working with the industry to provide a comprehensive but efficient solution, which quickly imports and maps fund administration reports, performs full calculations and converts to XML, for submission to the regulators. The ARAN system has Simplicity, Cost Effectiveness and Efficiency at its core. Typical fund set-up takes less than 48hours, and has no upfront implementation costs.

The ARAN system is the latest of Miura Consulting’s list of trading and reporting systems. Miura’s suite of systems have been built and refined by team of financial systems experts over the past three years. ARAN’s “software as a service” solution offers its clients all the benefits of quick lead-time, cost-effectiveness and efficiency without burdensome support costs. ARAN also supports other burdensome reports such as CFTC filing and Form PF reporting.

“We believe that the quicker people understand the man hours that go into a Fund Submission, the quicker they will realise that this is something that they want to automate as soon as possible,” says Alex Martin, MD of Miura Consulting.

He is such a firm believer in this theory, that the company are circulating manuals to help with their potential clients with their submissions, safe in the knowledge that once they complete their first submission, they will look to automate the process as soon as possible, at the right price – and choose Miura to help them.

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